Trans Fat Funk

Are you often mesmerized with that pint of chocolate ice cream, that makes you feel completely happy and excited for the moment? But then are you ready to trade in short-term pleasure for a long-term increased risk of depression?

Everyone looks and feels better with a smile.

Trans fat intake is one of the main causes of unwanted weight gain. Fast-food chains and ready-to-cook or preserved foods for meals contain trans fat, thus making people overweight and unhealthy. A habit of healthy eating must be applied and planned to avoid purchasing foods that contain trans fat, preparing meals should be well planned and checked for nutritious content and absence of trans fat, this could lead to a healthier and depression-free living.

New research suggests eating too much trans fat, long known to raise heart disease risk, can also boost your risk of depression. Depression is the illness that involves your body, mood, and thoughts, and greatly affects the way you eat, sleep, and feel towards yourself and others. It is well known that high trans fat intake is the risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and people with cardiovascular disease are often depressed.

A study put forth by the Universities of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain have found that diets rich in trans-fats — like the kind found in most fast food meals — increase the risk of depression by 50 percent. Even in Europe, where trans-fat consumption is far lower than in the U.S., depression rates are considerably higher among trans-fat-consuming populations.

On the other hand, participants that consumed healthy oils like olive oil and fish oils had a “lower risk of suffering depression,” according to the study. Researchers say that lack of healthy oil consumption and excessive consumption of unhealthy oils continues to increase rates of both depression and cardiovascular disease around the world.