Wake Up Energized and Happy With Water

Looking to feel happy and alert in the morning and all day long? Grabbing that cup of coffee or your favorite caffeinated beverage is actually having the opposite effect in both sustained energy and hydration. Many people think that they can drink soda, coffee, or juice instead of water and get the same level of hydration. This is simply not true. You need a true fuel, water.

Tired? Cranky? Hungry? Stressed? Drink Water!

Brain Boost
The brain, a vital organ, is approximately 85 percent water. Brain function depends on having abundant access to water. When your brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, you will be able to think faster, be more focused, and experience greater clarity and creativity. Your brain does not have the ability to store water. When your body loses more water than you are replacing, dehydration will set in and brain function will be affected.

Moody Blues
Now, research from the University of Connecticut have found that keeping the brain completely hydrated is critical for its happy performance. In a crossover study, researchers documented the subjects’ moods and their cognitive function during and after exercise. The authors report that there were negative affects to vigor, fatigue, and mood after only mild dehydration, which equaled a 1.36 percent drop in body mass from water loss. A 2 percent drop in body mass from water loss is the “red flag” for full-blown dehydration.

Ever feel like this?
Some of the other mental symptoms of dehydration include brain fog, afternoon fatigue, focus issues, depression, anger, emotional instability, exhaustion, headaches, sleep issues, stress, and a lack of mental clarity. For the first time, this study shows that mood and concentration can be negatively impacted by a nearly insensible water loss. Simply drinking adequate amounts of water may help maintain mood and fight fatigue.

Get A Glass Now
According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult loses more than 80 ounces of water every day through sweating, breathing, and eliminating wastes. So be sure to keep yourself fully hydrated and functioning. Give yourself that extra glass of water when you are feeling a bit sluggish or even a little blue too. Keeping a glass handy may be all it takes to keep mood and concentration up. Leaving you feeling at your best and ready to take on the day.