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Pete Cerqua

Pete Cerqua is one of New York City’s most respected and in-demand fitness trainers. He has been helping people lose weight since the 1980s, and he continues to increase his fan base through the four gyms he owns and runs in the New York City area.

Pete is a frequent guest speaker on topics of health and fitness and has appeared in numerous media outlets such as CBS News with Kate Sullivan and Maurice DuBois, NC Morning News with Scott Fitzgerald, The Frankie Boyer Show, The John Carney Show, and in prominent magazines such as O Magazine, Self, and Health.

3 thoughts on “About Pete

  1. Great website! Great information, especially on the eve of our usual family vacation to a beach! Love ya, Bonnie R.

  2. Pete gave me fitness tip on twitter. He actually responded promptly and accurately with a video. I immediately retweeted and FB’d his advice.

  3. Pete is pioneer in the fitness field and knows how to connect with his students on an individualized manner. Pete provides a unique and effective way to train that is particulately efficient, and he knows how to make it fun!

    Pete’s system is the result of a lifetime of research that he now shares with all of us who are fortunate to be located in NYC . For those who are not close …read his teachings in his many clearly written books.

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